"The Law
is the Weapon;
the Courtroom
the Battlefield,

Erwin Rommel School of Law

The Judge
is your Enemy,
your Lawyer
is an Enemy Spy"

Your ability to use the American Legal System as a survival skill in our day equals our forefathers' ability to use firearms as a survival skill in 1776.

ERSOL has the necessary tools to teach you how to understand and use the American Legal System.
Federal or State, civil or criminal, plaintiff or defendant-- we'll show you what really works.

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New Book by Michael H. Brown:


Defending A Drug Case - by Michael H. Brown

What happened to Demetrius "Big Meech" Flenory could happen to you:
unless you have this book

Michael H. Brown

Defending A Drug Case

This is a book that will teach you "how to" deal with dangerous criminals—not drug dealers who are criminalized by Congress, which over-stepped its constitutional limitations by criminalizing drugs. This book will teach you how to deal with the real criminals: the black-robed miscreants parading as judges who have eviscerated the Constitution and their oaths to uphold it. They have trashed the right of all Americans to a fair trial by an impartial jury according to the written law as opposed to the alleged law these judges bleat and ululate from their high perches.

In the late 1950s, Charles Starkweather and his girlfriend went on a murder-spree in the central United States, murdering a dozen people. From their arrest to their trial, appeals, and executions in 1959, approximately 150 days elapsed.

Ecclesiastes 8:11

  • Because sentence against an evil work is not executed speedily,
    therfore the heart of the sons of men is fully set in them to do evil.

When punishment is not sure and swift, crime skyrockets. Legislatures and courts make more crime. The liars, er, lawyers running our illegal legal system have learned there is no money in swift justice. They've also learned the big money comes in protecting the truly guilty, i.e., our corrupt judges, while crushing those who are innocent. Can you find in the U.S. Constitution where the Congress had the Constitutional capacity to outlaw some drugs while legalizing other drugs? Neither can I. Add the fact that all judges are lawyers, and the picture of America's criminal law crisis, created by lawyers, comes into focus.

As you study this book, you will read about ways to correct the direction America is going, so far off-course for so long. You may even come up with your own ideas to fix this injustice. Most people can recognize our need for court and legal system reform once their corrupt ways are pointed out to them but few know how to go about such reform. You hold in your hands the beginnings of such reform.

Psalm 58 is a prayer for swift justice against corrupt judges. As you learn the "how-to's" of this "how-to" book, you will understand that disciplining Congress, which long ago stopped disciplining corrupt judges and lawyers, is often more effective than using the court system.

Peter Simpson


Foreclosure & FraudGate

In 2004, Erwin Rommel released it's Banking/ Credit-card Seminar, "The Erwin Rommel School of Banking". Still on-point today, that seminar explains the inherent fraud of modern money and banking practices, frauds which now swamp the banking industry and threaten to obliterate it. The creation of mortgages is the same fraud as the creation of credit card "accounts". It will require a totally corrupt judiciary, at all levels, to cover up the Banks' Frauds and allow this system to proceed uncorrected. $45 Trillon is a lot of money to have "on the line", that is roughly twice the size of the New York Stock Market.

If you are facing a mortgage foreclosure, or have suffered thru one, watch the video linked above. Odds are, you have been willfully defrauded on multiple fronts. Our Banking Seminar, once absorbed, will give you the foundation to aggressively pursue your rights to property and your right to not be willfully, premeditatedly and intentionally defrauded in a mortgage contract.

At the top right of our HomePage you'll see a box titled "9 ERSOL Seminars". Our Level 9 Seminar, the last Seminar on the page, will teach you HOW & WHY the mortgage contract you signed is fraud-in-fact and fraud-in-law. If you have any questions, call or email us.

Erwin Rommel rumbles into the Digital Age.

No more VHS or audio cassette tapes.

All 79 hours of our Law Seminars are now on DVD only.

The next step in our development will be to put the Seminars on our Website, for instant viewing over the Internet. We are also working on putting the books and course manuals online as well, while still offering hardcopy books to those who request them.

Our next development will be to offer the Seminars on External Hard Drives. That may be down the road a piece.

If you are looking for the Dwaynn Rogers False Witness Defense materials, contact us. Arrangement can be made...

It took a lot of doing, but we are finally DVD-ready. The DVDs are of high quality, and the sound is awesome.

As with everything in America, our prices are up. Call first if you have any questions.

Many thanks for your continued support for us and our work.

Peter Jon Simpson,
and everyone @ Erwin Rommel School of Law
(updated October 2008)

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Hello Peter,

This is Nelson I ordered several books and a seminar DVD set from you so that I could learn how to defend myself in my current situation out here in California.  I really have to thank you for helping me and even taking the time to take my calls.  I really want to learn as much as I can and would like to order more books and DVD sets from you.

Current case status:  I submitted a demurer (9 pages) and motions to dismiss due to faulty charging document and DA started panicking and asked judge to allow him time to review my argument, next court date, DA doesn't show....stuck in traffic was the story, after 5 hours! next date DA hands me "amended information", of the two original charges the 2nd disapeared completely and were replaced with the exact wording as the first with the exception of the date!  Still two charges, (duplicity!) and still missing the facts, all conclusory.  Tried to get me to take a plea in open court and I argued that this still looked horrible and I would be seeking to dismiss and will be filing another demurer, judge agreed and said I didn't need to plea as that would waive demurrer!  The hearing before this one they had made me an offer for 32 months state prison, a strike, & 5 years parole!  Or face 7 years in prison if lost trial, judge asked me if I would counter offer, I said sure....dismiss all charges with prejudice.  They didn't take it!  So I have court in two weeks and am working on my motions, Peter again thank you so much you have no idea how much this has helped me to gain the courage to stand toe to toe with these weasles.  No stuttering, pauses, nothing.  Just straight to the point with a smile (It wasnt always like that though!).  I'll be giving you a call in the next couple days, I havent called in a while as lost phone line but getting new line this week.  Talk to you soon and again I cant thank you enough for lighting the fire within.  Now I can't get enough of it!

Kindest Regards,
Nelson O,
Los Angeles, California

Ahoy PJS,

     I've been wanting to write you for the past ten years......but I had nothing to say until now.

     We met 17 years ago on Singer Island, probably September, with D Rodgers, Brian Korpi, Bill Korpi, and me Jeff Wright in attendance.  I didnt' understand anything of what you guys were teaching. but I was afraid to lose.  So I somehow won.  I faced at that time 4 counts of unlicensed contracting.  I wrote so many dumb ass motions, it was unbelieveable.  Judge Parker after acquitting one charge and nolle prossing 3 others (go figure) said, "Son, You have to learn to develop a sense of humor about these things."

     I was re-acquainted with your former business partner a few months before he passed last year while he was trying to educate someone here in Florida.  I had no idea he was so ill.  I am glad I met him when I did, because I was trying to figure out the "Bruce Lee Ghost Step."  He put it in perspective.

     After going through numerous court cases with friends and my self, I have changed my opinion of your last quote about the courtroom, the judge and the attorney.  THEY ARE YOUR FRIENDS.  BEST FRIENDS, because through them you will be set free.  (They can't handle the truth.)

     In every court case I witnessed, they deny 40 - 50 constitutional and procedural rights, and in the end, you win.  It is almost impossible to lose in criminal court.  If one thinks about it long enough, each case is presented by the prosecution with falsified evidence, fabrication of court documents and forging of official records.  What is the sense of doing legal research in the face of lies, lies and more lies?  After writing more than 100 useless motions/appeals/writs/habeus petitions, I have learned to sit back and relax.  My enemies lead me to victory by denying each and everyone of my constitutional rights.  Then, I write a few Notices to the court: Ineffective Counsel, Judicial Misconduct, Prosecutorial Misconduct, Felony Deprivations of Constitutional Rights,

     Hope all is well with you.  Thanks for getting me started.


Jeff W

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