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The Icelandic Solution


When the Federal Reserve was quietly brought to power in 1913, Henry Ford was paying Ford Motor Co. assemblers $5.00 a day for wages. Compared to wages and living conditions 50 or 100 years before, it was a king’s wage.

U.S. Federal Reserve Eccles Building 1937

$1,200 per year, income taxes were zero or near zero, the wife stayed home and raised the children in an economy running on Honest, Constitutional, Biblebased money. No need for her “second income”, Detroit boomed and prospered.

Ford assembly line 1913

The Constitutional Question is unasked and unanswered: did the U.S. Congress in 1913 have the Constitutional Authority to give the power to create America’s Money over to a private Bank Cartel. The Constitution, remember, limits the Government’s power to act.

The lesser question: why should America be compelled to pay the Bankers who own the Fed to create and circulate America’s Money?

Since 1913, the purchasing power of the so-called dollar has disintegrated to less than 2% of its original value. An enviable track-record for 103 years, wouldn’t you say? The Fed must be so proud . . . this is Orwellian Double-Think and Double-Talk, in your face.

George Orwell

The Icelandic Solution has been totally blacked-out—obliterated—by U.S. Lame-Stream Media. When the 2007 Economic Crises unfolded in the West, Iceland’s Parliment went bonkers and, in a National Referendum, put the crisis to a vote of the people:

A.           Let the banks collapse, take your whipping now, watch the economy fall apart or

B.           Borrow gobs and oodles more money from the banks and “kick the can down the road”. Pass the debts on to your Grandkids.

In America, we’ve been kicking the can down the road for decades. In 1937, a brand-new Plymouth automobile cost $439.00, out the Dealers door; in1947 a new home cost $7000 or less . . . and income taxes were nothing like today.

1937 Plymouth


1947 New Home

The problem with kicking the can down the road is, eventually, you either run out of can, or you run out of road.

Those nut-jobs in Iceland voted to take their lumps and get it over with. The nin-cum-poops voted to take their whipping now.

What idiots they were. The fools, what a whipping it was.

The banks collapsed. The economy went in the toilet. Bank stock-holders were annihilated, their share prices went to nothing. In a nutshell, the proverbial doo-doo hit the fan. Iceland was bankrupt, wiped-out and too ashamed not to admit it.

Then people began asking the questions Bloomberg News, Fox Business and Jim Cramer don’t know enough to ask: “How did all this happen?” There was an investigation into the banks, the mortgage businesses and how the Icelandic Government tied into it all. Those goofy Icelanders got the right answers.

The result was the former Prime Minister of Iceland and the two top Money Center Bankers landed in Federal Prison. Hasta la vista, baby.

Prime Minister of Iceland, Geir Haarde

And then, freed of the Fraudsters and con men in Banking and Gov’t, the Icelandic Economy was restarted. And low and behold, 18 months later, Iceland had the best economy in the Euro-Zone. How could that have been possible? The American Corollary: Bill Clinton, George Bush #2 and Barack Obama, along with Alan “Mr. Greenjeans” Greenspan, BailOut Ben Bernanke and Janet Yellin, and their #2 goons, all take up residence in the Maximum Security Wing of Marion Federal Penitentiary @ Marion, Illinois. Or Leavenworth, if you prefer. I’d urge their transfer to Angola Penitentiary in Louisiana. The gumbo they serve in Angola is “top-drawer”.

Were it up to me, a Conga-line of Federal Judges who sanctioned the legality of the Banking Charade & Swindle, over the years, would join them. Imagine the gin-rummy tournaments. And how about some AttorneysGeneral, and their subordinates? Finally and at last, some new lawbooks for the Prison Lie Lawbrary. But I digress.

Since the 2007 Financial Debacle, when America was hours from collapse and ruin, the Federal Reserve has “lent trillions of (sic) “dollars” in so-called “Quantitative Easing” to the Banks on Wall Street and Europe. Wall Street was bailed out time and time again. And again.

And again. Main Street, whose taxes go straight to the Federal Reserve, got nothing. Zero. Zip. Nada. Obama, looking out for the Middle Class as he promised he would, was the Front-Man.

What? Fewer middle-class in 2016 than in 2008? Are you serious? But Obama promised. I remember.

What America requires is a New Government that will clean out the pigsty inside the Beltway and send Jon Corzine and a boatload of other Banksters and Politicians to the shithouse. It is so bad, we might have to let some pot smokers out of Federal Prison to make room for the more deserving miscreants and cretins named above.

But I digress again.

In defense of these thieves, the Total Debt Profile of the U.S. Economy, all governments, corporations, LLC’s, partnerships, individuals —ALL OF IT— now exceeds One Quadrillion, 500 Trillion dollars. That’s One Thousand Five Hundred Trillion dollars.

$1,500,000,000,000,000.00. Google “What does One Trillion Dollars Look Like”. Multiple that by 1,500. Take a look, or, “Go ahead, make my day!”

The total moral obligation, and actuarial, funded and unfunded, on budget and off-budget debt obligations of the whole of America’s “economic miracle” is now a nonsense number your Washington Politicians have convinced you is payable. Well, OK, your great grandchildren will pay it. Problem is, there is not enough carbon-black on this planet to make the ink required to put on paper promises to pay even a portion of that debt. Those grand-childen are safe! Huzzah!!

He who owes no money CAN’T GO BROKE.

If you can’t pay cash for it, you can’t afford it.

Maybe great-great-great grand-dad knew something after all.

Peter Jon Simpson is available as a consultant on a fee basis.

His economic counsel is just slightly to the right of General George Patton. Or Tammerlane. Caveat Emptor

320. 857. 2400


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Criminal Defendant's Bible - by Michael H. Brown


The   American   Criminal   Justice   System

How   It   Really   Works

How   To   Beat   It


         The first thing you have to understand about the American Criminal Justice System is that it is a complete fraud. The methods for overcoming a fraud are entirely different from those used to play a game that isn’t rigged. You have to know what to expect in real life, not what the books tell you that you should expect.

         You can win in a game in which the other side cheats continuously. You just have to know how the other side is cheating and then devise a strategy to overcome it. Let’s start with the players.

The   Judge


         The judge is supposed to be an impartial referee. At the federal level, there is even a statute that says so:

28   U.S.C.   § 453.   Oaths  of  Justices  and  Judges


         Each justice or judge of the United States shall take the following oath or          affirmation before performing the duties of this office: “I, ________, do solemnly          swear (or affirm) that I will administer justice without respect to persons, and do          equal right to the poor and to the rich, and that I will faithfully and impartially          discharge and perform all the duties incumbent upon me as ________ under the          Constitution and laws of the United States. So help me God.”


         In real life, the judge will (almost) always “put his thumb on the scales” in favor of the government. This is most readily seen in rulings on pretrial motions. No matter how much merit a motion may have, especially if a motion should result in a dismissal of the case, the judge will deny it.

         Why? The judge is attempting to demoralize you into taking a “plea bargain.”

         Your strategy is to file pretrial motions in order to build a record for appeal.

The   Prosecutor

         Prosecutors routinely stack bogus charges on indictments for two reasons.

The first reason is that if the prosecutor can make you think that you are facing conviction for a lot more charges than he had the right to bring against you, then it is that much easier for him to terrorize you into a “plea bargain.”

         The second reason is that the prosecutor has a much better chance of persuading a jury that you are guilty (of at least something) if a jury has an impressive array of charges to convict you of. How are a dozen average citizens supposed to know what a bogus charge is and what isn’t?    What the prosecutor did (stack bogus charges) needs to be pointed out in your pretrial motions.

The   Defense   Attorney

         Counsel for the defense is often the biggest problem. You can survive the denial of your pretrial motions by the judge and the stacking of bogus charges by the prosecutor. Surviving the machinations of you own lawyer is another matter entirely.

         In the last decade or so “defense” lawyers have come up with a way to get their clients to plead guilty and save themselves the bother of doing your pretrial work and defending you in a trial (which consists merely of “going through the motions”).

         What defense attorneys do these days is simply ask for repeated continuances, often for months at a time. The judge always grants the continuances and the prosecutor never objects. They’re in on the game.

         The defendant, after months (more often years) of sitting in a cockroach-infested jail cell, finally “breaks” and takes a “plea bargain” in order to get to a regular prison, where he will hopefully be able to get some fresh air and decent food.

         Your objective should be to get to trial as soon as you have filed all your pretrial motions. The feds and all the states have what are called “statutory speedy trial” statutes. I.e., the judge can give you “excludable time” (the clock isn’t running) while he is considering your motions. Once he thinks he has you demoralized, you hit him with a demand for speedy trial. At the federal level, that is 70 days.

         Your attorney will tell you “he’s not prepared.” He is never going to be prepared. Get it through your head you will get convicted. The results will be the same whether your attorney fights your case tooth and nail (don’t hold your breath on this one) or you turn your back to the judge and just sit there for the entire trial.


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Hello Peter,

This is Nelson I ordered several books and a seminar DVD set from you so that I could learn how to defend myself in my current situation out here in California.  I really have to thank you for helping me and even taking the time to take my calls.  I really want to learn as much as I can and would like to order more books and DVD sets from you.

Current case status:  I submitted a demurer (9 pages) and motions to dismiss due to faulty charging document and DA started panicking and asked judge to allow him time to review my argument, next court date, DA doesn't show....stuck in traffic was the story, after 5 hours! next date DA hands me "amended information", of the two original charges the 2nd disapeared completely and were replaced with the exact wording as the first with the exception of the date!  Still two charges, (duplicity!) and still missing the facts, all conclusory.  Tried to get me to take a plea in open court and I argued that this still looked horrible and I would be seeking to dismiss and will be filing another demurer, judge agreed and said I didn't need to plea as that would waive demurrer!  The hearing before this one they had made me an offer for 32 months state prison, a strike, & 5 years parole!  Or face 7 years in prison if lost trial, judge asked me if I would counter offer, I said sure....dismiss all charges with prejudice.  They didn't take it!  So I have court in two weeks and am working on my motions, Peter again thank you so much you have no idea how much this has helped me to gain the courage to stand toe to toe with these weasles.  No stuttering, pauses, nothing.  Just straight to the point with a smile (It wasnt always like that though!).  I'll be giving you a call in the next couple days, I havent called in a while as lost phone line but getting new line this week.  Talk to you soon and again I cant thank you enough for lighting the fire within.  Now I can't get enough of it!

Kindest Regards,
Nelson O,
Los Angeles, California

Ahoy PJS,

     I've been wanting to write you for the past ten years......but I had nothing to say until now.

     We met 17 years ago on Singer Island, probably September, with D Rodgers, Brian Korpi, Bill Korpi, and me Jeff Wright in attendance.  I didnt' understand anything of what you guys were teaching. but I was afraid to lose.  So I somehow won.  I faced at that time 4 counts of unlicensed contracting.  I wrote so many dumb ass motions, it was unbelieveable.  Judge Parker after acquitting one charge and nolle prossing 3 others (go figure) said, "Son, You have to learn to develop a sense of humor about these things."

     I was re-acquainted with your former business partner a few months before he passed last year while he was trying to educate someone here in Florida.  I had no idea he was so ill.  I am glad I met him when I did, because I was trying to figure out the "Bruce Lee Ghost Step."  He put it in perspective.

     After going through numerous court cases with friends and my self, I have changed my opinion of your last quote about the courtroom, the judge and the attorney.  THEY ARE YOUR FRIENDS.  BEST FRIENDS, because through them you will be set free.  (They can't handle the truth.)

     In every court case I witnessed, they deny 40 - 50 constitutional and procedural rights, and in the end, you win.  It is almost impossible to lose in criminal court.  If one thinks about it long enough, each case is presented by the prosecution with falsified evidence, fabrication of court documents and forging of official records.  What is the sense of doing legal research in the face of lies, lies and more lies?  After writing more than 100 useless motions/appeals/writs/habeus petitions, I have learned to sit back and relax.  My enemies lead me to victory by denying each and everyone of my constitutional rights.  Then, I write a few Notices to the court: Ineffective Counsel, Judicial Misconduct, Prosecutorial Misconduct, Felony Deprivations of Constitutional Rights,

     Hope all is well with you.  Thanks for getting me started.


Jeff W

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