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On   Abortion   In America

Michael  H  Brown,    &    Peter  Jon  Simpson
Covenantors  Legal  Education  Association  &  Research
c/o P O Box 211
Atwater Minnesota 56209-0211

On   Abortion   In America

Under the Fifth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, "No person... shall be deprived of life, liberty or property without due process of law...."

The U.S. Supreme Court's pro-abortion rulings have been arrived at by the tortured application of a "right to privacy" the justices found in the Fourteenth Amendment, though no such language is to be found in the 14th Amendment itself.

What Roe v Wade, 410 U.S. 113; 93 S.Ct. 705 (1973) and its progeny illustrate is what happens when federal judgeships are awarded as political spoils. No federal judge is ever appointed or promoted based on knowledge of the law, their grasp of Constitutional theory, their ability, integrity or "judicial temperament". The sad fact is the Republicans nominate only Republicans for federal judicial positions. Earlier Supreme Courts simply would not have ruled on Roe-like nonsense, for any and several of the following reasons:

1. Under the English Common Law, a "person" referred to the moment of conception, not birth. Blackstone's Commentaries On The Laws Of England.

2. Blackstone's Commentaries are a satisfactory exposition of the Common Law of England. Bloom v Illinois, 394 U.S. 194; 88 S.Ct. 1477 (1968).

3. The U.S. Constitution was written in the language of the Common Law. 
Denver R.G.R. Co. v U.S., 241 F. 214 (8th Cir. 1917).

4. In the absence of statute (not judicial decision) the Common Law controls. 
Ex Parte Peters, 12 Fed 461, 463 (Cir. Ct. W.D. Mo. 1880).

5. Even statutes must be read in light of the Common Law. 
U.S. v Carll, 105 U.S. 611 (1881).

The reasoning of the Supreme Court in 1973 in Roe v Wade relied on the philosophy of the Greek Stoics as part of the basis of its decision.

The Stoics were followers of Zeus.
That same god was called Jupiter/ Olympus by the pagan Romans.
The Hebrews & Israelites of the Bible knew it as Baal.

Which raises an interesting question: did not the Supreme Court in its Roe v Wade ruling of January 22, 1973 surreptitiously install Baal-worship as the official religion of the United States, in violation of the "establishment clause" of the First Article of our Bill Of Rights?

More than Fifth Amendment protections are involved. Eighteen years and nine months after Roe v Wade was enacted in 1973, we are missing 2,000 males per day from the draft pool. Before the first shot is fired in the next major war, our fatalities will be 2,000 per day. Within eighteen months those fatalities will exceed the total of casualties in every war fought by the U.S. since 1776. In some societies such an undermining of the country's defense capabilities would be defined as treason. The lack of consumers to support our agriculture and industry and those needed to pay into Social Security in the next century would seem self-evident. Those who believe that a population decrease is a good thing need to review the history of the aftermath of the Black Death in 14th Century Western Europe.

Who created this problem? The Federal Judiciary.

The solution? Impeach every federal judge responsible, and those who support this madness. Federal judges are impeached in the U.S. House of Representatives and tried in the U.S. Senate. This is simply not going to happen in the present Congress. We need to throw every one of these characters OUT and get representatives IN willing to control our out-of-control federal judiciary.

If the federal representative in your district won't act to remove these corrupt federal judge Baal-priests, remove your representative in the next election.

A lot of Republicans give lip-service to the "pro-life" movement. That's all it is-- lip-service. What our politicians say is meaningless. Watch what they DO. In the case of either party today, that is usually nothing. A "pro-life" vote for an incumbent is simply useless.

For "conservative Republicans" still reading this, you'll be terrified to learn that Roe v Wade was decided by, and re-affirmed by, all Republican Supreme Court "justices". Check it out. Remember that as you watch the Republican Nat'l Convention in 2000 and hear all their "pro-life" bleatings and ululations. Stated plainly, it's a lot of Republican crap.

We believe the "best defense" for the unborn is a "good offense". The "pro-life" community is doing a great deal of "freaking-out" over a recent U.S. Supreme Court ruling applying the R.I.C.O. statutes against "pro-life" demonstrators. Three of our associates permanently closed 3 abortuaries in Dallas Texas in 1988 by suing them under R.I.C.O. Contact us for details. To date, no one in the "pro-life" movement-- begging for money for lawyers to defend "pro-life protesters"-- will give us a penny's worth of help regarding mounting another R.I.C.O. assault against the baby-killers. "Je ne comprens". How many abortuaries has your "pro-life" organization permanently closed since 1988? A newer, simpler and much cheaper solution for "Pro-Lifers" is the Sample Complaint found in Chapter 26 of "Son of Erwin Rommel School of Law". This  latest refinement  in  battle tactics  is  far  more  accessible  by  ordinary Americans  than our 1988  R.I.C.O.  success. It  takes  only  a  few months preparation,  and  the will  to  do  it. Try  closing  an abortuary or two  yourself! Contact us for further details...

Michael  H.  Brown  &  Peter  Jon  Simpson
Common  Law  copyright  2000,  C.L.E.A.R. &
Erwin Rommel School of Law