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Overturning Your Conviction

About 70% of all convictions in the United States can be overturned. What we look for are issues of Constitutional Law. You already lost on the facts.

To do an analysis of your case we need:


* the Indictment or Information to which you pled. Indictment is by Grand Jury; an Information is drawn by the prosecutor.
* the Master Docket Sheet of your case. This is the day-to-day, item by item record or log of all the pleadings filed in your case. In some states it is called by another name.
* a copy of the plea agreement.
* a copy of your sentencing transcript.

-- if you WENT TO TRIAL:

* your Indictment or Information.
* your Master Docket Sheet.
* the instructions the judge gave your jury.
* your Sentencing Transcript.
* the Jury Verdict Form.
* your Judgment and Commitment Order.

    The minimum fee to review the above paperwork is $3,000. You purchase 6 hours of research & work on your case and you'll get a complete written report. After that, our rates are $500/hour. To review your Grand Jury testimony ("Jenck's material") and trial transcript is $4.00 per page. Paperwork without the review fee will be returned.

    Less expensive reviews are also available. Our associates have been doing legal research and getting people out of prison since 1975.  If you need freelance Legal Research done in any of the following, or other areas, you might want to contact us.

* "Family Services" "Hotline" cases
* getting out of prison (post-conviction relief)
* Securities
* Legal Malpractice/ Suits for Judicial Misconduct
* IRS hassles
* Criminal drug cases & asset forfeiture
* Farm/ Home Foreclosures
* 42 U.S.C. 1983 litigation

We also do freelance legal research, on a fee basis, for those facing litigation or for those involved in litigation, civil or criminal, state or federal, plaintiff or defendant.

Contact Peter Simpson for complete details - 320-857-2400