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Blackstone Institute's 1914 Self-Study Law Course

Common Law & Stautory Law

An Original Study Course For Individuals

Preparing To Practice Law

Back in print again, this is the complete, original Blackstone Institutes 2 volume Law Course as published in 1914. Many different law professors &/or lawyers authored each lesson and each lesson has a test at the end of the lesson.

This comprehensive law course comes in two perfect-bound 8 x 11 soft cover books. This course will give you an excellent, complete introduction to and overview of American Jurisprudence and the practice of law in America.

Learn the basics of our legal system from the lawyers & educators who trained the men who trained today's law school professors.

Combined with Erwin Rommel's deluxe 2-Day Law Seminars from Dallas, 1995 & Charlotte, 1997, you will learn to use the tools needed to present a winning argument in your case-- federal or state, criminal or civil, plaintiff or defendant.

If yours is a criminal case, this course, combined with Erwin Rommel's deluxe 2-Day Criminal Law Seminar recorded @ Denver in late 1997 will teach you how to aggressively prosecute your defense. Should you think our prices for these seminars & the other tools we offer are high, call around and ask criminal attorneys [are there any other kind?] what they require for a retainer to look over your criminal charges.

Blackstone's Complete 1914 Common Law & Statutory Law

Study Course in two volumes: $150.00