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Bring Erwin Rommel's Live Seminar to You!

Covenantors Legal Education Association & Research of Atwater Minnesota, in association with "42s-R-Us" and In Your Face Productions present the Erwin Rommel Mobile Law School two day seminar on law, civil & criminal process, courtroom performance, strategy & tactics for lay people, pro se's and in pro per litigants. Contact Peter Jon Simpson for all the details to bring Erwin Rommel's deluxe two-day live seminar to you

Do you know how to sue the last lawyer that ripped you off for Legal Malpractice, Fraud and Disgorgement of Fees? Do you know how to sue the last judge that trampled your rights with a Complaint For Judicial Misconduct and for violating his sworn oath as a judge?

Do you know that if you are represented by a licensed lawyer in court, his first duty is to the court as its officer and you come second? Did you know you are a "ward-of-the-court"? 

Learn to aggressively pursue and defend your rights in court without the deleterious & expensive effects of hiring the court's officer-- a lawyer.

Michael H Brown, author of The Erwin Rommel School of Law & Brown's Lawsuit Cookbook presents the seminar. Since 1974, Michael  has  been getting people out of prison and winning, using military tactics, the majority of the lawsuits on which he has consulted.

You'll learn:

how the system is supposed to work and why it doesn't
how  to  make  it  work  for  you
why  lawyers  work  against,  not  for,  your  interests
how  to  make  a  judge  behave
how  to  utilize  your State's  Judicial  Misconduct  Statutes when he 
how  to  employ  your  Bible  in  court  as  a  legal  document  and  legal 
how  to  set  the  table  for  suing  the  other  lawyer,  or  your  old 
how  to  Motion  For  Jury  Nullification  Instructions
how  to  get  your  congressman  to  see    your  district's judicial 
 system  is  clean
what  to  do  when  your  congressman  won't  see  to  it
how  to  successfully  sue  gov't  bureaucrats  who  violate  the  law 
 and  your  rights
how  to  operate  your  lawsuit  as  a military operation  and  always 
 attack, whether you're plaintiff  or defendant.

DeWaynn Rogers of Minnesota will teach trial preparation, discovery, interrogatories & depositions.   Learn to respond to your enemy's questions without telling him anything he can use against you. Those familiar with DeWaynn's legendary  "False  Witness  Defense" will have a "leg up" in this regard.

Suing state or federal gov't bureaucrats, lawyers [legal malpractice] and judges [judicial misconduct] will be covered in the seminar. "Bad Faith" insurance claims will also be addressed.

Michael Brown will analyze your individual lawsuit-- who to sue, in which court, what statutes to employ [jurisdiction], Legal Claims + Causes of Action to make & what relief to request. You must bring a typed, double-spaced 50 word statement of your case. Learn various approaches to a swift and winning resolution to your case. "Pro-Ses" make three consistent mistakes, suing the wrong people in the wrong court for the wrong things. Learn to avoid these common pitfalls. Learn  what works, not  "Patriot  Mythology".

Cost  for   the   two-day   seminar "at the door":
599.00 per person [spouses free]

The  599.00  cost  includes  all  the  following  seminar  paperwork + tapes:

* Brown's Lawsuit Cookbook-- How To Sue And Win!! 
* Ways & Means-- Civil & Criminal Litigation [Wm. Kimbrew]
* Title 42 § 1983 & 1985(3) Lawsuit-- Summons, Cover Sheet, 
Complaint + both Appeal Briefs
* 10 Sample Pleadings: 3  Motions  To  Recuse  Judges  For  Bias  & 
 Prejudice, Motion  To  Dismiss Indictment, Notice  of  Judicial 
 Misconduct,  5  others
* The Trial Book, [Sonsteng] [West]-- A Complete System For 
Preparing & Presenting a Case
* Making & Meeting Objections. [The title says it all... how to 
make objections, how to meet objections.]
* Upshur's Commentaries on Justice Storey's Commentaries on 
the Constitution [1868] 
* A  copy  of  the  seminar  on  audio  tape,  professionally  recorded 
[No tape recorders allowed]
* A  25%  discount  purchasing  Erwin  Rommel  Vols. 1 & 2 at  the 
* Michael Brown's analysis of your legal problem, live @ the 

Erwin Rommel's Bookstore, the lawyer-less litigator's "Hardware Store", filled with useful  books  & tapes for lawyerless litigators will be open for your inspection.

Save 33%  by  pre-registering:
Pre-registration fee is 399.00 [Spouse free]

Those desiring their case analyzed must bring a typed, double-spaced statement of facts, in 50 words or less to the seminar. No legal or conclusory allegations, please!! If you can't tell a federal judge in 50 words or less what your problem is, he's not going to listen. To arrange a seminar in your area contact Peter Jon Simpson at the address below. Thank You!!

Peter Jon Simpson 320- 857- 2400 Voice 
c/o   P O Box 211 2401 fax 
Atwater Minnesota 56209-0211 

"The Law  is  the  Weapon;  
the  Courtroom  the  Battlefield, 
The  Judge  is  your  Enemy,  
your  Lawyer  is an  Enemy  Spy"