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 Level  One  Live  Seminar
Erwin  Rommel  School  of  Law
2003  Seminar  @  Dallas  Texas

7 years after their first 2-day Seminar, Erwin Rommel is please to present Michael H Brown and his all-new, 2-Day Introductory Law Seminar.    Filmed June 28- 29, 2003 at Dallas Texas.    Learn to do your own legal work.    Organize, research, write, file serve, maintain and appeal your own lawsuits.    Learn to bolt the facts of your case to the law, and the procedure to move it thru the courts.    U.S. Law is an indexing system, it's not difficult.    Learn the Rules of Civil Procedure, handling corrupt judges, and more.    This General Civil Litigation Seminar covers it all.

Got a legal problem, and you know not to hire a lawyer?    Here is your entry point.    Michael Brown has 30 years experience fighting and winning lawsuits.    Learn from the Fieldmarshal himself.

Seminar package includes all DVDs and the copyrighted Course Workbook.    150.00,  ppd.

This is our Entry-level 2-Day Law Seminar.    If you are a novice, this is your entry-point.

Level Two Live   Seminar

Erwin Rommel  Mobile  Law  School
1997 Seminar @ Charlotte North Carolina

This  is  the  advanced,  2nd  level  sequel  to our  very  popular  1995 2-day seminar. Michael Brown  &  DeWaynn  Rogers  enhance  and expand  on their  1995  presentation  and present  the newest techniques  for  "lawyer-less litigators". There  are  16  45-minute lectures  covering  law, civil  & criminal  process,  courtroom performance,  strategy  & tactics.   Mike Brown  is  at  his usual best and  DeWaynn  returns  you  to  "DeWaynn's World",  where  your Bible is a  potent weapon  to  use  against  your enemy. Peggy  Dadic, personally  trained  by  Mike  Brown,  teaches civil process  + "do's  & don'ts". Learn  to organize  your  case, the  traps  lawyers set  for non- lawyers and  how  to overcome them. We recommend inexperienced litigators begin with the Dallas Seminar and then proceed to the March, 997 Charlotte Seminar If you have been to federal court before and have had some success, then starting @ Charlotte is OK. If not, the Dallas Seminar lays the groundwork that Charlotte builds upon.

This  professionally  filmed  two  day  seminar,  recorded  & filmed using 3 cameras,  will  further your education as you  become  a "belligerent  claimant  in person".  Learn  to  aggressively  pursue or defend your  rights  without  the deleterious  expense  of  hiring  the Court's  officer--  the  lawyer. The seminar paperwork, listed  below, will  take  you  a  long  way  in  preparing  you to operate  your  own lawsuit-- Federal or State,  civil  or  criminal,  plaintiff  or defendant. 

The 4 Seminar Books are:

*    Brown's  Lasuit  Cookbook
*    Ways  &  Means  [Kimbrew]
*    Title 42 1983 Binder:  Sample Complaint + both Appeal Briefs
*    Ten  Sample  Pleadings,  bound

200.00 for 8 Seminar DVDs + the 4 books.

Erwin Rommel  Mobile  Law  School  
"Bivens/ R.I.C.O." Live  Seminar 
Level Three, April 1999 

Suing  Federal  Actors  &  Judges   
Under "Bivens" & "R.I.C.O".

Charlotte North Carolina, 
April 17 & 18, 1999

Erwin Rommel's LEVEL 3 2-day  live seminar. Learn  to  sue Federal  Gov't agents, U.S. Attorneys  & I.R.S.  Agents  included, using Bivens Actions in Federal  court, when they violate your their oaths of office & your "rights". Learn to "upgrade" Bivens Actions into "R.I.C.O. Complaints" & sue Federal Judges under R.I.C.O. Diversity Jurisdiction,  Federal  Tort Claims Act,  and other  federal  actions  also  explained

Suggested  but  not  necessary: Erwin Rommel Dallas 1995  & Charlotte  1997 Seminars. These previous seminars are recommended as they lay the "groundwork" for this advanced Level  3  1999 Bivens/  R.I.C.O.  Seminar. By studying these seminars in chronological order, you'll learn step-by-step how federal civil process works. Criminal law is also discussed. Learn how you can successfully corner your oppressors in a straight law argument. Every lawsuit "asks a question". Learn to "ask the correct question and get the correct answer".

The 1999 Bivens/  R.I.C.O.  seminar course workbook is a new, copyrighted 1" binder containing numerous Bivens and R.I.C.O. Complaints + Appeals Briefs. Michael Brown's presentation covers the entire workbook, including a review of "cream of the crop" of his famous index-card file of legal precedents and supporting case citations.

Our newest 1999 Bivens/  R.I.C.O.  Seminar, like previous Erwin Rommel Seminars, will prepare you to research, organize and file your case. No "Patriot Mythology", no untested theory, no guesses. Learn what works!!

$399.00, UPS paid,   DVDs  +  course  manual

Level  4  &  5  Seminars  are  on  Criminal  Law, itemized elsewhere on this website.


Level Six, May 2002

Kansas City Missouri, May 18 & 19, 2002

Erwin Rommel Mobile Law School
"Assault Weapons Law" Live Seminar

Offensive Use of the Grand Jury, 
Criminal Complaints That  By-pass the Prosecutors Office

Michael Brown's return to the Seminar Stage, and his latest research on the above 3 topics. Learn to use your Grand Jury as an offensive weapon. When government bureaucrats violate the law, your rights and their oaths of office, learn to file Criminal Complaints against those "public servants" that by-pass the Prosecutor's Office. When the local Prosecutor will not do his job and charge his buddies in the local judicial meat-grinder, go around him and "do it yourself". Suing the law clerks and staff attorneys-- the people who usually decide "pro se" cases-- will be covered in detail. If you do not know that, in most cases, no judge ever reads your "pro se" complaints and pleadings, here's the information you need to sue the people who are denying you reasonable and meaningful access to the courts before law-trained judges. Tired of not getting what you pay for? Here's the solution.

We do suggest our earlier seminars-- Level 1, 2 & 3-- as the building-blocks to this advanced training seminar. This professionally filmed and recorded 2 day seminar includes Michael Brown's copyrighted course manual, plus both the video tapes and the audio tapes of the seminar. Our previous seminars are recommended as they lay the "groundwork" for this very advanced Level 6 Seminar. By studying these seminars in chronological order, you'll learn step-by-step how to use civil & criminal court process. After you have learned the fundamentals of lawsuit & courtroom procedure, this seminar will teach you several offensive aspects of lawyerless litigation.

The 2002 "Assault Weapons Law" seminar course workbook is a new, copyrighted binder containing numerous sample complaints. Michael Brown's presentation covers the entire work- book, including his latest techniques for scraping corrupt federal judges off the bench and a review of "cream of the crop" of his famous index-card file of legal precedents and supporting case citations regarding the workings of the Grand Jury, the very foundationstone of our Constitutional Republic. The Grand Jury has two functions, and is supposed to work independent of government bureaucrats' interference. The Law you will learn dates back to 17th Century England and moves forward through American Jurisprudence to day. You too can learn to employ 17th & 18th Century English case citations in your motion practice, just as our Supreme Court Justices do today.

$399.00, ppd.    8  DVDs + course manual

Level Seven:  Commercial  Law  Seminar

Justin Garriott presents this 2003 Seminar on Commercial Law

$250.00 for 7  DVDs  +  course  manual

The  Level  Eight  Seminar  is  a  Criminal  Law  Seminar, explained elsewhere on our website.

Level  Nine 

The  Erwin  Rommel  School  of  Banking  Seminar

Erwin Rommel School of Banking Seminar   150.00
ERSOL Associate Justin Garriot's 2 year romp in Electronic Babylon.
You  ain't seen  nothin' yet!

Erwin Rommel School of Banking Seminar Complete Litigation Package  450.00

    Erwin Rommel School of Banking Seminar         [150.00]

    The Trial Book                                                 [100.00]

    Making and Meeting Objections                   [25.00]

    Legal Research and Civil Rules DVDs         [150.00]

    Level One  Law  Seminar                                [150.00]

    Brown's Lawsuit Cookbook                            [30.00]

$605.00 worth of litigation tools packaged for $450.00.     Upside-down with a credit-card company?   This package may save you a ton of money.    Learn to counter-sue the credit-card company for fraud when they sue you for going upside-down.