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Foreclosure & FraudGate

In 2004, Erwin Rommel released it's Banking/ Credit-card Seminar, "The Erwin Rommel School of Banking". Still on-point today, that seminar explains the inherent fraud of modern money and banking practices, frauds which now swamp the banking industry and threaten to obliterate it. The creation of mortgages is the same fraud as the creation of credit card "accounts". It will require a totally corrupt judiciary, at all levels, to cover up the Banks' Frauds and allow this system to proceed uncorrected. $45 Trillon is a lot of money to have "on the line", that is roughly twice the size of the New York Stock Market.

If you are facing a mortgage foreclosure, or have suffered thru one, watch the video linked above. Odds are, you have been willfully defrauded on multiple fronts. Our Banking Seminar, once absorbed, will give you the foundation to aggressively pursue your rights to property and your right to not be willfully, premeditatedly and intentionally defrauded in a mortgage contract.

At the top right of our HomePage you'll see a box titled "9 ERSOL Seminars". Our Level 9 Seminar, the last Seminar on the page, will teach you HOW & WHY the mortgage contract you signed is fraud-in-fact and fraud-in-law. If you have any questions, call or email us.