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Banned Bible  Back In Print

For the first time in over 390 years, the 1599 edition of the Geneva Bible is again available, on-the-shelf, ready-to-ship.

In 1557 John Calvin, joined by a small band of Englishmen who had fled the persecutions of "Bloody Mary", undertook to translate the entire Bible into English. This Bible, which became known as the Geneva Bible, was printed constantly from 1560 to 1644 in over 200 different printings, without the supervision or intervention of government.

Other Bibles in the Geneva project transformed the Netherlands, France, Northern Italy, Wales and Iceland.

With the 1599 edition of the Geneva Bible, the thousands of margin notes reached saturation. Later editions added no more of these study guides. These margin notes, also called "glosses", were quoted well after 1611 by King James’ churchmen, who found them to be an indispensable tool for studying the Sacred Texts.

The Geneva Bible was the Bible of choice for William Shakespeare and John Milton. The 1599 edition was the Bible the Pilgrims held at Plymouth Rock in 1620 and is thought to be the Bible consulted at our Constitutional Convention in 1787.

The margin notes of John Calvin, John Knox, Miles Coverdale, William Wittingham et al so infuriated King James that the Geneva Bible was, for a time, banned in England. King James called it "seditious" and made its ownership a felony. The Bishop’s Bible was introduced in competition but it failed to win popular support. Eventually, in 1611, James introduced the "Authorized" King James Version. The KJV relies heavily on the Geneva Bible, however, minus the margin notes that enraged the king and his servants in the church.

And now, the 1599 Geneva Bible, the foundation stone upon which our Christian American Republic was laid, can be obtained again. The Bible that infuriated the government and set the establishment churchmen’s teeth on edge is back.

The present facsimile edition has been painstakingly reproduced. Some pages in the original were damaged and had bled. Careful restoration has resulted in a crisp & clear 6 pound deluxe bonded leather hardcover volume with 50# acid-free paper and a sewn binding. [As  a  bonus,  we  ship  your  copy  from  our  office  with  a  free gift  from our catalogue.]

This is the first English language Bible with numbered verses. The 1599 edition does not contain the Apocrypha as did the Geneva editions from 1560 to 1573. The Apocrypha printed in earlier Geneva editions contained no margin notes.

The pages in this printing have been expanded 10%. Still, a magnifier is often helpful where the notes are most extensive.

The 1599 Geneva Bible contains two early concordances, the complete Sternholt & Hopkins Psalms and Sheetmusic and a block of  the  daily  devotionals  and  prayers  then  in  use  in  English-speaking  Europe.

Some readers might be troubled by the interchange of I & J and f & s. This is the first "modern" book printed in English. It was much stranger to the first generation which used it than it is to us. Many of the things which were hard for early readers are the standards we now expect. When you adjust to "olde English", you'll enter a whole new world of Bible study.

Michael Brown’s historical introduction to this edition is in the fiery tradition of the original translators. The Preface to the 3rd Edition is even more controversial. What Brown has to say will offend some readers. That problem invariably happens with introductions to the Geneva Bible. Like the prophets of the Old Testament, Covenantors are easier to read about than to deal with in person. A non-provocative introduction would seem out-of-place for the Geneva Bible.

This is the Bible which brought us Covenantors, Presbyterians, Patriots and the American War of Independence.

Come  on  home.   Hold  fast  to  the  Rock  upon  which  your  forefathers  built  America!

The 1599 Geneva Bible, L.L. Brown Facsimile, 5th printing 1996. Cost: 129.00, UPS paid. Please remit U.S. Postal Money Orders when possible and a "UPS shippable" address [please, no "P.O. Boxes"]. Contact me for quantity discounts. Drop shipping available for pastors, booksellers, Christian Ministries & like-minded "right-wing extremist" organizations.

Attn Investor/ Speculators: Very few 1st editions of this facsimile remain. Remaining 1st editions are 549.00, shipped UPS. This bald-faced speculation could be your best return-on-investment of the ‘90s. Write or call for details.

Pursuant to EXOD 20:15 & EZEK 18:5-20, we don't bank. Money Orders, Postal or otherwise, help  us  not  to have  to  do  business  with  known criminals. A free gift for all orders paid by money order. And a big "thanks"!

Other obscure Bibles available


"Hexapla," of course, means "six-fold" or "six-columned" As the section of this book explaining the "Plan of the English Hexapla" notes, "the term 'Hexapla' was originally applied to the work executed by Origen in the 3rd century; in which the first column contained the Hebrew Text of the Old Testament; the second, the Hebrew text in Greek letters; the third, Aquila's Greek version; the fourth, the translation of Symmachus; the fifth, the LXX version (i.e. the Septuagint--RB); the sixth, Theodotion's version." The English Hexapla offered here contains the six English translations noted in the title, arranged side by side for easy comparison and reference. Dates for each version used are as follows: Wiclif (1380), Tyndal (1534), Cranmer (1539), Geneva (1557), Rheims (1582), King James Version (1611). Of special interest may be the Geneva 1557 version (from a copy of the first edition), as both Geneva Bible's presently in print contain later versions (1599 and 1602) of this text. It should also be noted that the notes to the Geneva Bible are not included in the English Hexapla, just the text. The 1611 edition of the KJV will also be of value to those who would like to compare it with the more modern version of this translation. "The notation of the verses has been inserted in all the translations, for convenience of reference... In illustration of the utility of the comparison of the various translations, much that is interesting might be advanced, but which the use of the volume will at once afford. The varied, although ordinarily equivalent manner in which the different translators render the same phrase, often throws much light upon the exact meaning; and when the versions vary in sense, the enquiry suggested with reference to the Original cannot fail to afford profit while it interests" ("Plan of the English Hexapla," pp. 161-162). Additionally this English Hexapla also includes "The original Greek text after Scholz with the various readings of the Textus Receptus and the principal Constantinopolitan and Alexanderine manuscripts, and a complete collation of Scholz's text with Griesbach's edition of 1805... The Greek text has been placed in the upper part of each page, for the purpose of facilitating the comparison of the versions with the Original, so desirable when they vary in rendering any passage." This is all preceeded by a detailed and annotated 160 page historical account of the English translations.

Photocopy facsimile, comb bonding = 129.00, shipped UPS

Photocopy facsimile, hardcover, perfect bound = 149.00, shipped UPS

Ferrar Fenton Bible 45.00

Fenton devoted his adult life at the end of the 19th century to this. "Repent" is translated "change your way of thinking". Hardcover, larger-type or leathette soft-cover. Modern English Bible. You'll love it.

The Jerusalem Bible  paperback = 35.00
                                    hardcover = 50.00

The Jerusalem Bible is a rare & now out-of-print Catholic Bible from a generation ago. It was translated into English from the French. It uses the correct SACRED NAMES in the OT. Where the OT Hebrew is prose, the Jerusalem renders prose... where it is poetry, the Jerusalem blocks the text as poetry. This is a great Bible for entry into the OT, where the Geneva, KJV & even Lamsa's language gets convoluted... There are parts of the Jerusalem Bible that are pure, unmitigated "Papal Fairytales". Just ignore them when encountered; the accessability of the OT makes the Jerusalem Bible a great addition to your Bible studies... Many KJV students employ the Jerusalem Bible to ease the turgid language of parts of the KJV's OT...

You will find "The New Jerusalem Bible" in bookstores now. Avoid it, save your money. The Jerusalem Bible is what you want. Our supplies are limited, first come first served. the price is shipped via UPS, please no "PO Boxes".

Rather than try to explain any further, Psalm 91 from the Jerusalem Bible is repeated below in its entirety... Compare it to the KJV and you will see why we love the Jerusalem Bible so much... enjoy!!

PSALM 91, The Jerusalem Bible--

If you live in the Shelter of Elyon,
and make your home in the shadow of Shaddai,
you can say to YHVH, "My refuge, my fortress, my God in Whom I trust!"

He rescues you from the snares of fowlers hoping to destroy you,
He covers you with His feathers and you find shelter underneath His wings.

You need not fear the terrors of night, the arrow that flies thru the daytime, the plague that stalks in the dark, the scourge that wrecks havoc in broad daylight.

Though a thousand fall at your side, 10,000 at your right hand, you yourself will remain unscathed, with His Faithfullness for shield and buckler.

You have only to look around you to see how the wicked are repaid, you who can say "YHVH my Refuge", and make Elyon your fortress.

No disaster can overtake you, no plague come near your tent. He will put you in His angels charge to guard you wherever you go.

They will support you on their hands in case you hurt your foot against a stone;
you will tread on lion and adder, trample on savage lion and dragons.

"I rescue all who cling to Me,
I protect whoever knows My Name,
I answer everyone who invokes Me,
I am with them when they are in trouble,
I bring them safety and honor,
I give them life long and full,
and show them how I can save".