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Erwin Rommel rumbles into the Digital Age.

No more VHS or audio cassette tapes.

All 79 hours of our Law Seminars are now on DVD only.

The next step in our development will be to put the Seminars on our Website, for instant viewing over the Internet. We are also working on putting the books and course manuals online as well, while still offering hardcopy books to those who request them.

Our next development will be to offer the Seminars on External Hard Drives. That may be down the road a piece.

If you are looking for the Dwaynn Rogers False Witness Defense materials, contact us. Arrangement can be made...

It took a lot of doing, but we are finally DVD-ready. The DVDs are of high quality, and the sound is awesome.

As with everything in America, our prices are up. Call first if you have any questions.

Many thanks for your continued support for us and our work.

Peter Jon Simpson,
and everyone @ Erwin Rommel School of Law
(updated October 2008)