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The Drug Defendant's Criminal Defense Bible  - $60

Is the prosecutor stacking bogus charges? Count on it.    Is it really that bad?  It’s worse than you think.

Is your lawyer selling you out?  This book tells you how to find out.       Can you win? If you fight, yes. 

Michael Brown’s 32 years of legal experience will show you what will and will not work when you’re on the wrong end of a drug indictment.  The book covers: the questionable constitutionality of the drug laws, why they will not change the laws, what to expect in court, how to deal with the corruption, and how to find out in minutes where your lawyer’s allegiance really is.  Before you “plea bargain,” and before you start trusting your public defender, READ THIS BOOK!

Brown’s Lawsuit Cookbook - By Michael H Brown         $30

How-to book, no forms. Legal research, organizing and filing your case, making judges behave, appeals.   After 13 years, this is still a useful book that works in the courts.   Two customers write:

a. "I have a copy of your ‘Cookbook’ and filed an answer and counterclaim based on your information, rescinded my signature based on fraud and won!  The opposing lawyer wrote me, more or less stating, how could you do such a thing as a non-attorney when we thought we had you by the you-know-what!"
b. "I bought your book 10 years ago. I’ve won 4 out of 4 with one case pending, without a lawyer!  Thank you!!"

Ways and Means: Criminal and Civil Litigation

By Billy Kimbrew          $25

This is a sequel to Brown’s Lawsuit Cookbook.  In combination, these two books are proven winners for those pursuing Pro Se or In Pro Per litigation.  Contains numerous "motion-practice" pleadings and other useful tools.

The Criminal Defendant's Bible     $60

    Michael Brown's most recent book is a must for those criminally accused and their families.  Learn how the system really works and learn how to deal with our corrupt "criminal justice system."   This 490 page book teaches you how the "ins & outs" of our criminal legal system operate--  what to expect, what to be on guard against and remedies that have proven successful for dealing with the lies, deceits and frauds-on-the-court the "system" will throw at the unknowing and unsuspecting criminally accused.

When I first met Michael in 1989, he told me he had not worked on a criminal case in which someone on the government's prosecution team did not lie.  Today, nothing's changed, it's only worse.  Sun Tzu's Maxim -- "all battles are won in the preparation" -- permeates in this stunning book.  It will save you, your family member or friend thousands of dollars  in wasted money and hour after of law library work and research.  Buyers already report pre-trial wins using the Criminal Defendant's Bible.  Michael Brown got his first client out of federal prison in 1974.  His remarkable track record and hisexperiences over  the  last  25  years  derailing  defective  criminal  charges  in  pre-trial  shines  through  this  amazing  volume.  Now the unjustly accused can  steer  their  way  thru  our  criminal  "justice"  system.

The Erwin Rommel School Of Law: Volume 1                        By Michael H Brown         $100

     The Law is the Weapon,  the Courtroom's the Battlefield,  the Judge is your Enemy,  your Lawyer is an Enemy  Spy.  Apply military tactics to your "in pro per" actions and win!   30 Chapters include a R.I.C.O. (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act) Complaint against state bureaucrats, a Complaint For Judicial Misconduct for corrupt  judges and other assorted goodies.

The Son Of  Erwin Rommel School Of Law (Volume 2)   $150

       The 750pg sequel to ERSOL.  Volume two's 30 chapters parallel and expand on the original.  New and dynamic strategies & techniques.    If you buy volumes 1 & 2 together it's only $200, and if you are a previous owner of the first volume of Erwin Rommell, volume two is only $100

Illinois Land Trust Manual                      $100

  Probate avoidance methodology for "holding" real property.  Staying out of "probate" will be worth many times the cost of this "do-it-yourself" manual.  Forms, examples, Durable Power of Attorney, trusts for your bank accounts and more.  What many lawyers use, but won’t do for their clients.

The Trial Book    $100  (Sonsteng)  (West Publishing)

A complete system for the preparation & presentation of your case at trial.  Tear-out  forms.  The law-school textbook used to teach trial preparation & procedure.  A very  useful Pro Se litigant tool.

How to Sue a Lawyer      $20

     Erwin Rommel's lawsuit against an attorney.  The names are changed to protect the guilty.  A complete explanation of the action, plus a sample ccomplaint.    This is a good entry point for a Pro Se litigant.

Blackstone Institute's 1914 Self-Study Law Course                $150

      Complete course for lawyers taking the bar exam in 1914.   This is a 2 volume set.

The Federal Government:   Its True Nature And Character                  $30

    [Abel Upshur, 1868]   Areproduction of Abel Upshur's classic 1868 review of Chief Justice Joseph Story's Commentaries On The Constitution of the United States.  This facsimile includes an introduction and copious critical and explanatory notes by C. Chauncey  Burr.  Ten chapters,  242 pages.  The difference between "the framers' intent" and what passes for "constitutional law" today is easily worth many times the $20 cost.

Joseph Story's Commentaries (1833, facsimile edition, 3 Volumes) $300

Hardcover, quality facsimile. Chief Justice Story's Complete Commentaries, unedited & unabridged.

The Art of War  (Sun-Tzu)                    $15.00

    The 2600 year old classic, a must for "Erwin Rommel Cadets".  One of the 5 best lawbooks in America.

Joyce On Indictments  [1910]               $500.00

    Joyce's complete authoritative text on indictments, allegedly this book is also known as the "indictment wrecking book."  1,400 pages.

Bouvier's 1839 Law Dictionary 

(facsimile edition, 2 Volumes)      $210.00

   Hardcover, quality facsimile. 

Bouvier's 1914 Law Dictionary (facsimile edition, 3 Volumes)       $300.00
        Hardcover,  quality  facsimile. 

Blackstone's Commentaries on the Laws of England            $200.00
(Jones' Edition, 2 Volumes, hardcover)     The complete Blackstone's Commentaries

Quoting Wikipedia: 

The Commentaries on the Laws of England are an influential 18th century treatise on the common law of England by Sir William Blackstone, originally published by the Clarendon Press at Oxford, 1765-1769.

The Commentaries were long regarded as the leading work on the development of English law and played a role in the development of the American legal system. They were in fact the first methodical treatise on the common law suitable for a lay readership since at least the Middle Ages. The common law of England has relied on precedent more than statute and codifications and has been far less amenable than the civil law, developed from the Roman law, to the needs of a treatise. The Commentaries were influential largely because they were in fact readable, and because they met a need. The work is as much an apologia for the legal system of the time as it is an explanation; even when the law was obscure, Blackstone sought to make it seem rational, just, and inevitable that things should be how they were.

The Commentaries are often quoted as the definitive pre-Revolutionary War source of Common Law by US courts; in particular, the United States Supreme Court quotes from Blackstone's work whenever they wish to engage in historical discussion that goes back that far, or further (for example, when discussing the intent of the Framers of the Constitution).

The Bill of Rights Restoration Act    (Mike  Brown)               $30.00

          Uses modern "judicial construction" to rein in & control today's judges.  Already made "legal" by the  very  judges it'll be used against.  This  text is also the Introduction to Erwin Rommel School of  Law,  Volume 2.  Brown's workable solution has already been ruled constitutional by the very judges it will be used against. America is not run by the legislators we elect, it's run by [mostly] un-elected federal and state judges in whose corrupt and uneducated hands our Bill of Rights and statutes passed by Congress have become a mere "List of Suggestions."

Our Broken Legal System & How To Fix It                 $30.00

    Michael Brown's  Fall, 2000 lawbook. Subtitled "Get Those You Love out of Prison, Sue and Collect"   Published just after the Criminal Defendant's Bible, Brown's  latest work on federal judicial corruption in criminal cases and what you can do about it in your case.

Benchbook for U.S. District Court Judges                     $30.00

    The  one  book  Mike  Brown  has  really  lusted  after  for  years.    A  must-have  for  Pro Se litigants    To be successful in war, you must attack your enemy's strategy.  Here's the Federal Judges playbook, the May 2000  Edition.  Learn how Federal Judges handle "Pro Se" cases &  plot your strategy accordingly.

Avoid Bank Holiday$ (Book, audio tape + supplement) (Simpson) $25.00

What you agreed to when you "autographed" the "signature card" when you "opened" your "account."  Your banker will  not be pleased to know you know how the game is structured. You will be.

Vattel's Law of Nations [1883] $100.00

The premier 19th century lawbook on this topic.

Deskbook for Chief Judges of U.S. District Courts             $30.00

    This is the handbook of what Judges are SUPPOSED to be doing.  When they  do  to  you  what  they  usually  do,  you'll  have  additional  ammo  from  this  volume  for  your  lawsuit  against  them.

The Court Clerks Handbook                              $30.00
    Section 7 is worth the cost of this handbook.  It tells you how the Judge's  clerks,  staff attorneys  and  secretaries  do  the  judge's  job.    Included is a Motion For Rehearing pursuant to the fact that the judges are not doing the legal work, their clerk's and other underlings are.


"When  plunder  becomes  a  way  of  life  for  a group  of  men living  together  in  society,  they  create  for  themselves in  the  course  of  time,  a  legal  system  that authorizes  it  and  a  moral  code  that  glorifies  it."
Frederick  Bastiat,  1850


Legal Research & Services:

  Our associates have been doing legal research and getting people out of prison since 1975.   If you need   legal research done in any of the following areas, you might want to give us a call: 

*   farm foreclosures       
*   getting out of prison (post conviction recovery)
*   securities                           
*   IRS                
*   drug  cases 
*   legal malpractice         
*   "family services" "hotline cases"