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Legal Consultation Services

Need help  with  Pleadings, or a dispassionate look at your work?  Our consultation rate is $100/ hour. Other consultation & overview services available, including trust organization paperwork and the creation of trust documents & documentation & records.

Potpourri Herbal Ear Cones

Specially  formulated  herbal  +  homeopathic  Ear  Cones  [some  call them  ear  candles]. Made from 100% cotton muslin & the highest quality waxes. You can  balance energies &  tune  up  your head... you'll  be  amazed  at  the  gunk  in  your head, notwithstanding  what  you've  learned  from  TeeVee. Starter Pack: 8 cones + demo video for 30.00, ppd. Cones only: 8 for 20.00, ppd. Quantity discounts available. 

Video Reproduction Services

As we have been thrust into the world of video production & reproduction, we are able to offer complete video reproduction services. Videos reproduced on high quality stock, any length, labeled, boxed & shipped UPS to you. Call for prices. Audio also.