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Pursuant to our truly and sincerely held spiritual training [Exod 20:15 + Ezek 18: 5-20], "religious" beliefs and [as  the  U.S.  Supreme  Court  put  it] "religious scruples", we have  not had  a  bank  account  since  1983. Contracting with known criminals makes us nervous. We like it a lot & we  recommend it for  your spiritual  progress and well-being!!

Money  Orders [U.S. Postal preferred] keep  us  out  of  the  U.S. Bankster System and you get 24-48 hour shipment of your order. Do not make your payment out to "Erwin Rommel School of Law" or "Christian Legal Education Ass'n & Research". Babylon does not agree that either of those institutions exist & refuses to process credit instruments made payable to either of them.

BLANK money orders are the "currency of the Christian Reconstruction movement in America. They help us a lot. When we deal with other Covenant-Keepers, we pass blank M.O.s on blank. When we interface with "Electronic Babylon", we fill out your M.O. as if it were ours. If  you're  not  comfortable sending BLANK M.O.s, please make your Money Order out to "P. Simpson".

Most orders shipped same day. We ask for a "U.P.S. shippable" address [no "P.O. Box"] + your phone number. We put your phone # on your label for U.P.S.'s use. We do not sell purchase or  inquiry lists from our office, so you won't be inundated with a  lot of angry white-male, "right-wing" paranoid, disenfranshied "Christian Fundamentalist" stuff, which we  regularly enjoy!

Please, no  checks. "Once burned, twice smart!" Ditto C.O.D. orders. Refused C.O.D.  orders  mean  we  eat  the  shipping charges and go to U.P.S. for nothing.

All  prices  include  shipping  &  handling. Because of the vagaries of Chicago's Postal "Service", we recommend all orders over 25.00 be send via UPS, FedEx, or other private carrier. We've been through mishandled "Certified" & "Express Mail" too often. Any questions, give us a call.

Thank You!!