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Nourishing Traditions Conference #2
Featuring Sally Fallon

    Recorded live @ St Cloud, Minnesota November 16, 2002, hear the fascinating performance by "Nourishing Traditions" author Sally Fallon and see her informative slide show presentation.

    Learn how American food used to be, and learn about the powerful forces that compelled the changes made in our food over the past 130 years.  Learn practical tips, recipes and other information that will enable you to "retro-fit" your kitchen to more closely match great-great Grandma's pre- World War One kitchen, and return to the nourishing traditions that made America the strongest nation on earth.

    Two major segments of this dynamic seminar include Sally's presentations titled "Why Butter is Better" and "The Oiling of America".    Vibrant  health,  infant and elder care and disabusing families of the lies they believe regarding healthy and unhealthy foods permeate this 5 hour live seminar, professionally filmed & audio-recorded.

Included at no extra cost:

    A 90 minute presentation by Master Herbalist John Easterling, a.k.a. "Amazon John".    John cured himself of a serious ailment, and that led him to the Rain Forests of the Amazon, where he now works frequently and takes groups yearly.    His presentation, titled "Rain Forest Bio-energetics" is a stunning tour into a primitive world that holds the key to the advances in the cures coming in the future.    John discusses herbal supplementation for energy enhancement, immune support, physical recovery, stress reduction, environmental detoxification, digestive enhancement, hormonal balancing and metabolic support

The Nourishing Traditions Conference #2, featuring Sally Fallon
   & "Amazon" John Easterling includes:

The complete video & audio tapes of the entire conference--  6  hours, and the latest edition of Sally Fallon's landmark book,  "Nourishing Traditions"

Price $100.00