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Bible as Law / Odds and Ends

The Book of Jasher / The Book of Enoch     Both for $25.00

    Paperback editions of two
old books mentioned in the Bible.  Interesting reading and a good addition to your Biblical studies.  Jasher is  mentioned  in  Joshua  &  II  Samuel.  If you're buying them separately, Jasher is $20.00, and Enoch is $12.00

Life  Without  USURY  (Bound Report)                                                  $15.00

     The result of the abolition of USURY in Europe and more. Everything your preacher and banker hope you never learn.    Why you never hear EXOD 20:15, EZEK 18: 5-20 and banking dovetailed "in church"!
Jesus Was Married
/ Polygamy in the Bible  (Ogden  Kraut)    both  books  $25.00

    Discounting Kraut's [excommunicated by the Mormons] arguments for a married Messiah,  both  books  teach Biblical lessons in re marriage, singular or plural.   Jesus  = 15.00;    Polygamy  = 20.00,    Both  =  25.00

Chaplains  &  Clergy  of  the  American  Revolution  (J  T  Headley,  1856)      

    Rescued from our history's "memory-hole", Headley's classic reprints the sermons from the American War of Independence.  You  haven't  ever  heard  preachin'  like  this!    Romans 13 meets the real world.

Sex, Money & Power: The Bible Shows You How  
(2006 edition)                        $25.00

    The title says it all.  Learn to think and act Biblically, and use your Bible as a lawbook, not "religion."  Add  $10.00 and get the audio tape  seminar.   

Examine The Evidence  (Dr. L.B. Zike, Th.D.) (1989)                

 The negative effects of incorporating a church. Exposes the frauds, misrepresentations & concealments of   "501-C-3  Tax  Exempt  Status".   A  must  for  your  incorporated  pastor  and  church  board.

Your "Christian Marriage"  (Dr L.B. Zike, Th.D.) (1990)     

What the state neglected to tell you about the legal entanglement that is your marriage license.     Your  tax-exempt pastor knows, but he wonít teach you.  The difference between "legal" & "lawful" marriage.

The Strength of Samson: How 
to Attain It    (Michael H Brown)           $15.00

The Book of Judges meets the 20th Century.    One chapter describes why people in Moslem lands have little or no heart disease or cancer.     Bodybuilders, health advocates & Covenantors like & use this book.

The Bible Law Index     $15.00

    Easy, quick reference guide to Biblical statutes, divided into "Government" & "Individual" categories.   Sections on "Money & Financial Conduct" & Government Operations included.   Unconditionally guaranteed to set your preacher's teeth on edge.   A great addition to your Bible  Study.

Unhealthy Food = Unhealthy People     

    Biochemist Harold Simpson's landmark book on modern food.  Learn ancient Religious wisdom and current biochemical research about the food you eat.  Protect your Family.   A must
have!  Donít miss this one!

Romance of the Wheat
/ The Upper Crust  (Carole Collins)           $15.00

    Bread making A-Z, great-grandmaís way.  Buying & storing wheat, grinding, 7 hour soak-of-the-dough, recipes & more.  Learn how to  implement
Matthew 6:11 & Luke 11:3 right in your kitchen!

Bleaching of Flour  (North Dakota Agricultural Station Report, 1910 + extra goodies!) 

    What your grocer doesnít know; what his grandfather has forgotten. "Our Daily Bread", "The Great  Margarine Experiment" and "Bread From Stones" are all included in this volume at no extra charge.

Nourishing Traditions   (Sally  Fallon)        

    Sally's landmark book returns you to Grandma's food procurement & preparation.   Return to "the olde paths" in your kitchen, eating all the  good stuff the moderns reject.   Audio-tape Seminar included.

The Secret of Life (Georges Lak
hovsky)          $15.00

hovsky  worked  &  researched  with  Nickola Tesla.    Lakovsky claimed his machine could cure diseases at the cellular level by restoring sick or diseased cells to their proper oscillating frequency through the use of high-frequency radio waves.  This book describes electric medicine.    Lakhovsky Multiple Wave Oscillators available.   No "medical claims" made.  Ask for a flyer.

The Scottish Chiefs (Jane Porter, 1809, Scribner Illustrated Classic)

    The 1921 reprint of Porter's 1809 historical novel,  from whence "Braveheart" came.  The Scottish War of Independence, 1296 to 1307.  William Wallace, Robert the Bruce, et al  +  N C Wyeth color plateblocks.


"He  truly  lives  dangerously  who  trusts  his  health  to  a  doctor;  
his  rights  to  a  lawyer,  his  money  to  a  banker  or  his  soul  to  a  preacher"