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1) Title  42 1983   In a binder: 50.00
Complaint  + both  Appeal  Briefs  with  Summons  form  &  Cover  Sheet.

2) R.I.C.O.  the  Banks!!  
Raise  hell  with  those  lending  credit  in  interstate  commerce:

Original R.I.C.O. Complaint: 100.00 
+ both Appeal Briefs: 200.00 
+ Supreme Court Brief: 300.00

3) Motion To Recuse Judge [Federal Format] 10.00 
     For Bias And Prejudice [w/ Memorandum of Law]

4) Recuse Judge For Bias [State Format] 10.00

5) Motion To Recuse For [for Masonic Judges] 10.00 
     Conflict Of Oaths [State Format]

6) Notice And Demand For Flexibility of Rules 10.00 
[stop  swearing  oaths  in  violation  of  Matt 5:33-37  &  James 5:12]
[DEMAND  your  judge  take  judicial  notice  of  your  Bible  as  LAW!]

7) Motion To Dismiss Indictment 10.00 
[from a Federal Criminal Case; argue  Constitutional  and Law 
issues;  don't  bleat  "patriot  mythology"]

8) Answer & Demurrer [generic] 10.00 
[w/ 7 Affirmative Defenses] [traffic case]

9) Notice & Demand For Counsel Of Choice 15.00 
     [2 separate Motions, same topic]

10) Notice Of Judicial Misconduct 10.00

11) "Sanocki " Counsel Issue Motion 10.00

12) Judge Karlton's Order Denying T-42 Dismissal 10.00 
       [a must for 42 U.S.C. 1983 filers]

13) Ten Sample Pleadings, bound 50.00 
[#4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 & 13 above, in 1 vol.]

14) Motion For Time 10.00

15) Complaint For Legal Malpractice, 20.00 
       Fraud and Disgorgement of Fees 
       An Erwin Rommel lawsuit, How To Sue A Liar, er, Lawyer for 
       Malpractice, Fraud, Disgorgement of Fees & more.  The names are changed to protect the guilty. A complete explanation  of  the action,  +  sample  complaint.

16) Complaint For Unjust Dismissal & Retaliatory Discharge, 20.00 

17) Restoring the 2nd Amendment 30.00 
       2nd Amendment Brief plus other pleadings
       Facing "gun charges"? Here's the law....

Avoid Bank Holiday$ 25.00
(Book, audio tape + supplement) (Simpson). What you agreed to when you "autographed" the "signature card" when you "opened" your "account". Your banker  will  not be pleased to know you know how the game is structured. You will be.

Joseph Story's Commentaries, 1833 300.00
(3 Volumes) Hardcover, quality facsimile.
Chief Justice Story's Complete Commentaries, unedited & unabridged.

Bouvier's 1839 Law Dictionary (facsimile, 2 Volumes) 210.00
Hardcover, quality facsimile.

Bouvier's 1914 Law Dictionary (facsimile, 3 Volumes) 300.00
Hardcover, quality facsimile.

Blackstones' Commentaries On The Laws of England    200.00
(Jones' edition, 2 Volumes)

Vattel's Law of Nations [1883] 100.00
The premier 19th century law book on this topic. 

Blackstone Institute 1914 Self-Study Law Course 150.00
Complete course for preparation to take the bar exam, 1914 edition.
2 volumes

Joyce On Indictments [1910] 500.00
Joyce's complete authoritative text on indictments, allegedly the same text William Kimbrew used to learn to wreck indictments. The "old Man" in turn taught Mike Brown.

Sex, Money & Power: The Bible Shows You How   30.00
The title says it all. Learn to think & act Biblically & to read your Bible as a law book, not "religion".

Oxford English Dictionary call for prices
The O.E.D is the wordsmith's bible, several different formats available. This the premier etymological research tool, 675,000+ entries. If you study words, this is for you. 

The Criminal Defendant's Bible   50.00
Michael  Brown's  Newest  Lawbook [9/'99], a must have for the criminally accused.

Erwin Rommel School of Banking Seminar 150.00
ERSOL Associate Justin Garriot's 2 year romp in Electronic Babylon.
You  ain't seen  nothin' yet!

Erwin Rommel School of Banking Seminar Complete Litigation Package  450.00
    Erwin Rommel School of Banking Seminar

    The Trial Book 
    Making and Meeting Objections 
    Legal Research and Civil Rules DVDs 
    Level One  Law  Seminar 
    Brown's Lawsuit Cookbook

Vehicular Trust Book    50.00
Trust Indenture, Directive for Operators of the Trust Vehicle. The Trust Indenture & Directive are provided for guidance, not for "boiler-plate". Caveat!!