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Subj: J springs first guy from jail
Date: 3/4/99 4:34:19 AM Central Standard Time
From: J. Zanian
To: Michael H. Brown
cc: Peter Jon Simpson


Thought you might enjoy knowing that I just got my first guy out of jail. He was released this morning.

His probation officer filed a false report with the court to pull his probation. When I got the case, the family was preparing for him to be in for at least 6 months. 

A family friend slyly reconnoitered the probation office, and we came up with proof. I wrote a motion to sting a wasp's ass. The probation officer is now sitting on 2 felonies and a misdemeanor for his actions.

I was told by the family that when the judge came in and began to review her daily docket, they watched her skim through everything, until she got to our pleading.

Apparently, she read every page, slowly and carefully. She then promptly freed the guy, and he was immediately allowed to return to school.

"Thank-you" from another grateful Florida family, as well.

This is some powerful stuff you teach. And I appreciate being trained by you directly.

Talk to you soon,



H G , #01xxx-xxx
P O Box 6001, Unit x
Ashland KY 41105-6001

To: Peter J Simpson
c/o 4842  N  Magnolia
Chicago Ill 60640

Dear Mr. Simpson,
Thank you for the copy of "The Erwin Rommel School of Law". I was able to put the information to good use and as a result I am being released from FCI Ashland, Kentucky, the thirtieth of this month!
I am interested in seeing other legal titles you have available. I would be particularly interested in anything you might have concerning traffic laws (I am a resident of Ohio). Please send me your most recent title/ price list. If you anticipate delivery of this list to be after 31 May '95, please send it to:
c/o P O Box 197
Somewhere in America

With thanks, and preserving All My Rights,