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Now  on  DVD

"Pro-Se Legal Research"   $99.00

    An 85 minute professionally produced DVD offers beginning or intermediate pro-ses ["in pro pers", if you prefer] a comprehensive tour of a major law library. Barry Smyth, of Colorado, an experienced in pro per himself, "walks you through" numerous sets of different law books found in most law libraries. He explains how each set is laid out and indexed and how you can utilize it to your best advantage. The productive work you accomplish with your time in the law library will be greatly enhanced. This is a video of fact, not "myth". This "hands-on" DVD takes you through all the important sets of law books available in most well stocked law libraries and teaches you how to put them to use in your case. The 99.00 cost will be zilch compared to the amount of time and effort you'll save by knowing what's in your law library, how it's laid out and how to put it to use in your action. Many satisfied buyers prove that by directing friends to order this tape and its companion, below.

"Winning  With Court Rules"  $99.00

A comprehensive "walk-thru" of the Rules of Civil Procedure, produced by the same organization that produced "Pro Se Research".  Learn to keep your civil action "on-the-rails". Don't get "sucker-punched" with some liars lawyers procedural gimmick. 

The Erwin Rommel School of Law reviewed these programs, purchased them from their producers & offers them with our highest recommendation. 

SAVE!!   Both DVDs above  =  150.00

The "Pro Se Research Video" and "Winning With Court Rules" are included in "The Whole Enchilada", our discounted training package-deal posted elsewhere on our website. Buy a "bundle", save a bundle!!